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These groups are facilitated by Dr. Jamie Hall and Valerie Cook, who both specialize in working with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Jamie Hall, Ph.D. and Valerie Cook, M.Ed. (under the supervision of Dr. Robert Gordon) have extensive experience working with children and Valerie has homeschooled her own children for the last five years.

If you would like more information or to register your child, please contact us at 614-792-9104.

Various funding sources are available. 

Monthly Caregiver Training

In a world where the role of caregiver is changing rapidly, parents must be equipped with tested tools and strategies to support their child. These monthly trainings will prepare you to address a wide variety of concerns while recognizing and celebrating your child’s strengths and successes. We welcome any parent, guardian, or other caregiver who is seeking additional knowledge and support, regardless of your child’s special needs. Objectives for the series are to learn to 

  • use an effective communication method to increase your child’s attentiveness and teach your child to value your words; 

  • understand types of reinforcement schedules and when to use different ones;

  • provide support to one another through discussion.​​

Topics include (but not limited to): Behavioral support, sibling support, parent self-care, navigating the special education process, and executive functioning. We will also host informal, virtual office hours. 

 Preschool and early elementary students practice beginning language skills and following directions within a social environment. Manipulatives are provided.

Elementary and middle school kids are introduced to role playing while targeting problem
solving, flexible thinking, and social communication.

Preteens and teens navigate campaigns as they practice communication and executive functioning skills. Novice and experienced players are welcome!

Let’s navigate group challenges as we build and play. We will target communicating with peers and practice problem solving strategies.

Play Skills

Hero Kids

Dungeons and Dragons

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