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In addition to individual counseling, Dr. Angela Denny offers a series of social groups throughout the year that are designed to provide key elements to healthy social emotional learning and development while at the same time addressing individual client’s needs. Our social groups integrate an array of person-centered approaches that provide a roadmap for maximizing the individual’s capacity to learn, grow, and develop social emotional competency in their family, school/work, and communities. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, improving self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, social thinking, relationship skills, and responsible decision across age groups.

A variety of strategies and approaches are utilized in groups that are robust, interactive, creative and allow for self-expression in an accepting and nonjudgmental setting. Each block of group is designed to be dynamic and experiential in nature. Group participants will be exposed to purposeful sensory based applications of art, music, writing, movement and creative writing and other mediums to enhance regulation and
emotional control, communication (verbal/nonverbal), social, and self-understanding. Expressive arts frameworks are used as a way of weaving core therapeutic concepts and goals into positive shared group experiences that allow for personal growth and rewarding healthy relationships.


Social groups are available for 
Transition-age Tweens to Young Adult and Beyond
Monthly Extension Groups for Parents/Guardians/Caregivers
Talk About Books Social Club


What to expect
Our groups target a number of domains in social emotional development and provide for opportunities to
Improve Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Social Understanding;
Improve Self-Control, Emotional Stability, Stress Tolerance;
Improve Collaboration through Empathy, Trust, and Cooperation;
Strengthen Interpersonal Relationship Skills and;
Improve Executive Functioning Skills, ADLs, and Self-Advocacy

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